Planning A Funeral in advance

Bespoke Pre-Paid Funerals in Association with Silver Clouds

If you would like to pay to cover funeral expenses for you, or on behalf of someone else, we now have available completely bespoke funeral plans which are based on our own fees.

Including the guaranteed payment of the following Third-Party Fees* (Disbursements) 

Service in Crematorium/Cemetery Chapel with Minister/Celebrant

Cremation/Interment Fee

Medial Fee for Cremation Forms

The plans are currently priced as follows:

Direct (unattended cremation) £1,590.00

Simple Burial or Cremation (with service) £2,945.00

You can also create your own funeral service by adding onto the simple core package

*Please be advised that the disbursements DO NOT include the purchase of the exclusive rights to a grave space

These plans can be paid in full, or by instalments.  

Please note: that there is a minimum deposit of £250 if you wish to pay by instalments

Remember, you do not have to pre-pay for your funeral, if have any questions at all, we provide a no-obligation consultation service.

My Funeral Wishes Form

We offer a complimentary "My Funeral Wishes" form which you can complete to log your wishes without having to pay.

You can either lodge this form with us, or kept with your personal documents.