We are aware that the situation with Coronavirus/COVID-19 is changing rapidly.  As we tread into unchartered territory, we want to reassure you that we are taking every possible step to ensure funerals can go ahead with the health and wellbeing of everyone in our community as our main concern.


Changes to the way a death is registered from Monday 30th March 2020


Changes to the way a death is registered from Monday 30th March 2020

Portsmouth Register Office will be operating as per Phase Three of the General Register Office's Pandemic Plan.

This means that they will no longer be offering face-to-face appointments, registration will be completed remotely over the telephone and, where possible, digitally. 

Currently, this information has only been issued by Portsmouth Register Office. 

Please use the following contact details if you need to register a death, and they will be able to explain more.  

PLEASE ENSURE YOU ONLY CALL once you have obtained the medical cause of death certificate, or the Coroner has instructed you to make contact:

If the death occurred within the 

City of Portsmouth


If the death occurred within 

The County of Hampshire


If the death occurred within the 

City of Southampton


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Making arrangements

To protect you and to protect our team, we have made the difficult decision that all funeral arrangements will now be made over the phone, email, FaceTime, or Whatsapp.  In most situations, paperwork can be completed digitally. 

Attending services

Boris Johnson has announced that funeral services are NOT included in the list of ceremonial gatherings that are being cancelled.

In line with this guidance, it has been suggested that attendance at a funeral service is limited to immediate family only, streaming the service online, or not holding a funeral service at all.

If you need for us to help you create a meaningful memorial at a later date, we are happy to continue to provide our complimentary consultation service.

We are aware that the situation is changing rapidly, so if you are arranging a funeral with us, we will endeavour to keep you updated. 

Live-streaming/Webcast of Services

Live-streaming/webcast facilities are now available at many of the crematoria in Hampshire, many of whom are now offering this service for no charge.  When we speak with you to arrange a funeral, we will discuss options with you.  This is particularly important if you are concerned about any restrictions affecting those who wish to attend the funeral. 

Unattended Funerals

Should you need to arrange a direct cremation or burial with us (this is when a person is cremated or buried without a funeral service and with no mourners in attendance), we can advise on how you can put together a meaningful memorial service at a later date, as well as offering you support with your grief. 


To protect our team, we are suggesting that limousines will not be included as part of our service and may ask that you use your own transport.  

Limiting contact

To protect everyone in our community, our team have been instructed not to shake hands.  We’ll still be warm and friendly, but we’ll greet you in a different way, such as holding our hand over our heart.  We will also offer hand sanitiser for you use.

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Looking after people in our care

We will continue to look after everyone in our care in our gentle and sensitive way, but have put procedures in place to ensure we can do this safely.   

Collecting someone who has died

Before we collect the person who has died, we may ask you a series of questions related to coronavirus/COVID-19 and pneumonia to ensure we are best equipped to safely deal with your circumstances.   

Caring for someone who has died

We are well prepared to take care of people who have died with coronavirus/COVID-19 in line with the official guidance we have received.  If you are affected by coronavirus/COVID-19, we’ll still be able to help.  We just need to know your situation so we can bring the correct equipment.   

Collecting someone from home

Please be advised our team may be wearing additional personal protective equipment (PPE) even when the risk is deemed to be low.   

Our facilities

We’re very proud of the mortuary facilities we use, which adhere to industry codes of practice, and usually welcome you to have a look around.  However, due to the increased risk at this time, we are no longer able to allow members of the public into the mortuary space or to be involved in washing and dressing the person who has died.   

Supporting you

We are working closely with our colleagues throughout the funeral profession to ensure we can offer the same high standards you would normally expect from us during this unprecedented time.  Whatever you’re going through, we’re here to guide and support you. 

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